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Situated in global “coffee belt” with latitudes similar to the original coffee countries Ethiopia, Kenya…, Vietnam is home to many coffee planting regions that offer high quality coffee which has internationally been acclaimed. Today, Vietnam is the co-leading coffee exporting country in the world.

Vietnamese people love Vietnamese coffee, even because nowhere in the world has the unique and emotional way of savoring coffee like this beloved land. One of the particularity of Vietnamese coffee is the unique way to prepare it and it’s quite ceremonial. To savor coffee in the real way, we have to use a coffee filter. Several spoons of strongly aromatic and bold coffee powder together with boiled water and the savorable moment of coffee would really begin.

Twenty years ago, a Vietnamese coffee local brand was formed in Buon Me Thuot, a historic place of Vietnamese coffee. The founder set out to take on the world, with the ambitious goal of one day becoming the global leader in the sector.

A milestone of 2016 was the birth of a new expression of excellent Vietnamese coffee – King Coffee.

King Coffee – a new expression of coffee passion, promising to continue the success from 20 years of experience , and leverage the brand to a new level of premium quality and sophisticated style. 

Today, King Coffee is proud to launch the 3 premium roast and ground coffee, meticulously selected from the most savory at the Vietnamese highlands combining with the mysterious Oriental recipe, promising to conquer all tastes of coffee enthisiasts....

GOURMET BLEND – A showcase for great Vietnamese coffee to suit any taste

Selected from the most savory of the basaltic soil highlands for 160 million years combining with the mysterious Oriental recipe, generating Gourmet Blend – the perfect harmony of 4 kinds of bean Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa & Catimor with the strong, bold and aromatic taste, getting the power to raise the interest and passion for reaching the success of each and every individual.

Gourmet Blend has set the standard of style and quality for the popular roast and ground coffee.

Deep and crimson dark color; strong and bold aroma with long finish, this blend is a typical symbol of the perfect mix from the four basic types of traditional coffee beans.

PREMIUM BLEND – A distinctive flavor of the greatest Arabica in the world

Made from 100% of Arabica coffee beans meticulously selected from Cau Dat highlands –the perfect home for Arabica by its ideal climate, soil, humidity, rainfall and light that very few places in the world can be; and beans originated from vast arrays of popular areas of coffee cultivation in the world.

Vietnamese coffee experts by their unique roasting secret has created King Coffee Premium Blend – a prominent, a pride and gift from that captures the character of Vietnam’s best coffee region and gives the coffee lovers the impressive experience regarding to the aroma and elite taste, taking them to the relaxed and leading creative – stimulating moments.

Premium Blend is truly an expression of the land it is from and the people that shape it, with distinctive intense aroma and pleasant acidity in taste leading to a long and fine finish.   

INSPIRE BLEND – Finest coffee, a benchmark of outstanding quality and taste

Inspire Blend is created using very highly graded peaberries from the four types of Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa and Catimor to make it the super premium coffee. 

Especially designed for the sophisticated coffee drinkers with irresistible and complex flavor, Inspire Blend brings you an elegant & long aroma, a smooth and balanced taste together with a long and very fine finish.

Inspire Blend is the heritage and the pride of Vietnam coffee making tradition.

Every product from King Coffee will be a story about the never-ending dreams and dedication to serve the best coffee to the world.


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