Điều hành toàn cầu

Global operation

Regional Director of Korea

Do Kyung Soo

Mr. Young Soo has participated in TNI since July 2015 as Regional Director of South Korea. He has a Master of marketing and brand management and graduated from Britain’s University of Birmingham. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the coffee industry. Since his joining of TNI, Mr Young Soo has effectively managed a strong distribution network in both South Korea and Japan.

CEO of TNI company

Le Hoang Diep Thao

Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao is the founder, CEO of TNI Corporation. She is also co-founder and co-owner of Trung Nguyen Group. She has made a decisive contribution to its growth and development. Especially, she is the one who bring G7 coffee to more than 60 countries and territories in the world, including major markets like USA, Canada, China, Australia, France, Holland, Korea, Singapore, Thailand...

General Manager of Mainland China region

Tsang Chun Keung (Peter)

Mr. Peter Tsang joined TNI since October 2014 as General Manager of Mainland China region. He graduated from the University of Brunei in the United Kingdom with a MBA. With more than 36 years in FMCG industry plus international business experience, TNI business in the Mainland China has grown significantly under his strong leadership.

Director of Business Development

Ho Kim Chye, James

Mr. James Ho is currently holding the position of Director of Business Development since 2011. Being one of the most seasoned coffee business advisors, he is the key person who inspires and led TNI to great success in the major international markets. Mr. James has played an important role in building up the foundation of strong global distribution network and the modernization of business system in the company. With more than 25 years of coffee knowledge and experience under him, he will bring TNI to the next era with his winning vision.

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